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Digital Projects

  • Stowe Mountain Resort
    Website Design

  • Groove Crusaders

  • Wind Simulator 2016
    Augmented Virtual Reality

  • Bunbury Music Festival
    Website Design

  • LIFX
    Website Design

  • Acceleration (WIP)
    Web Game

Print Projects

  • Syndicate Magazine
    Editorial Design

  • Dying For A Smoke
    Poster Design

  • Konemasu
    Brand Identity

  • George Orwell's 1984 Drop Cap
    Book Cover Design

  • Gangs of New York
    Poster Design

Stowe Mountain Resort

Web stores are either hit or miss — meaning they either work well or they are impossible to navigate. The original web store for Stowe Mountain Resort lacked mobile support and had a convoluted purchasing process. The objective was to rationalize the site in it's entirety and make it usable on mobile devices. The new site got a fresh layer of paint as well, revitalizing the personality of the brand. The cart management system and check out process was revised to keep the user from repeatedly having to reload the same pages.

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Groove Crusaders Animated Typography

It can be difficult to capture the essence of a vocalist exclusively through typography and also have it very readable when words are moving so quickly. This lyric video takes a clip from the song "Groove Crusaders" by Tupper Ware Remix Party. The video lays out the lyrics in a world of type, where the camera interacts with the text. The aesthetic of the audio resembles that of a dated cartoon end slate, that aesthetic is emulated in the motion graphic, not only in the typography, but also in the added effects which emulate a VCR tape.

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Wind Simulator 2016

Augmented reality is taking virtual reality to the next level. Not only are you experiencing the view of a computer generated world, but you're also engrossed in a physical interaction with the world through simulated wind. The program runs through the Unity game engine, in conjunction with an Oculus Rift and Arduino to send a signal to one of the four fans surrounding the user.

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Bunbury Music Festival

Poor design is an atrocity that has always existed on the web. This website was created from the ashes of Bunbury's current site. The goal was to streamline the search function on the site, to make it easier to locate dates, times and locations of each performance, while also creating more unity within the site on matters such as color and readability.

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LIFX Corporate Publication

The intent of this website is an informational publication aimed at interior and architectural designers. The content is supposed to educate the audience and persuade them to invest in the LIFX brand for future projects. The overall aesthetic of this piece is intended to reflect the personality of the brand. Keeping a dark, low profile body to the site allows color from the imagery to shine like the product it's advertising.

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Acceleration Web Game (WIP)

Try your hand at this jumping challenge as you, a vigilante bound to this neon clad city, pursue a criminal on the run. The goal is to last as long as possible in your ascent as the climb becomes ever more quick while the tempo of 8-bit retrowave accelerates. This javascript based game is still in its infancy, many features such as mobile support are planned for future releases.

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Syndicate Magazine

A magazine designed for the American market, Syndicate's theme is international crime news delivered in an objective fashion. Each issue would focus on a certain region, this particular issue focuses on East Asia. The cover and centerfold article use a very bold black and yellow color palette with the intent of being very eye catching.

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Dying For A Smoke

Taking a subject as bleak as death and making light of it is no easy task. Mumedi's, To Death With a Smile, competition selected this poster as one of the 400 finalists out of 3,000 submissions. Large vibrant colors and simple illustrations were used to catch the viewer's eye.

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Konemasu Brand Identity

Imagine a cat kneading your back, a feline masseuse; that is the service of this fictional business. This brand guide tells any designer just what to do when applying styling to anything "Konemasu." Soft curves, muted color and deep browns are what define this brand, specifically picked to emulate the sense of relaxation and zen.

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1984 Drop Cap Book Cover

1984 by George Orwell encompasses a world under dystopian censorship, going as far as to monitor peoples' thoughts. The goal of this project was to convey the content of the book through the use of a drop cap symbolizing the author's name or book title. The imagery of the quote, "Big brother is watching" was transformed into an 'O' in the form of a peering eyeball. Color was intended to reflect that of Russian propaganda posters, as that is the overarching theme of the novel.

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Gangs of New York Movie Poster

Retro futurism is a theme that is surfacing very quickly in recent time, taking 80s themes and amplifying them. The film Gangs of New York was originally set in the mid 1800s. Borrowing many of the themes from the retro futuristic style, the setting was taken forward into the 80s, reimagining the story and it's set pieces. This typography based poster would have been the movie poster, had it been in this time period.

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Hello! I'm an interactive/graphic designer who is interested in UI/UX design and front–end development. While I aspire to work in mobile app or game development, I am also interested in all areas of design.

I've developed multiple websites of my own and even worked on a website for Tetra Fish, a child company of Spectrum Brands. In my years of being a designer, I’ve determined that user experience and streamlined process flow are the most important aspects of an effective design, and I always try to integrate this philosophy into my projects. In terms of design, I tend to capitalize on the striking appeal of "big and bold" and its effectiveness of readability and attraction.

I am knowledgeable in HTML5, CSS3 and Javascript and have experience using the majority of the Adobe Creative Suite, including Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, After Effects and Premiere; I have also worked with content management systems such as Wordpress and Sitecore. Other than software, I have experience working and communicating with clients and team members, and have skills in traditional illustration techniques: graphite and pen & ink. I'm always eager to connect and chat with new people.


Every project starts with a sketch, regardless of the medium. I prefer to work with a pencil and paper, passing through a multitude of iterations until the idea is strong enough to move forward with.